Download Game Of Thrones Season 3 (2013)

Who will win in Game of Thrones Season 3 (2013)?

Who will lose in Game of Thrones Season 3 (2013)?

And the most important question of ’em all?….

Who are those Game of Thrones Season 3 Characters who’ll survive the blood bath and make it to the next season which will be Game of Thrones Season 4 (2014)?

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Synopsis

Summer is gone and its season of autumn, which means the Stark words of “Winter is Coming” gonna be true again. The War of Five Kings is now just four after the mysterious death of popular and young Renly Baratheon. On the other side of great Westeros, Robb Stark the King in the North has won each battle he fought on his way to King’s Landing but he still not able to find his sisters and avenge his father’s murder.

Meanwhile, at the north of The Wall, the Bastard Jon Snow who is now in Night’s Watch is trying to lay a trap and be a part of the wildlings to murder King Beyond the Wall e.g. Mance Rayder.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Key Cast Characters


Loras Tyrell

Walder Frey

Talisa Maegyr

Meera and Jojen Reed

Ser Davos Seaworth

Margaery Tyrell

Shireen Baratheon

Olenna Tyrell

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