Download Game Of Thrones Season 2 (2012)

Who will win this time in the current Game of Thrones Season 2 (2012)?

Who will lose big in the current Game of Thrones Season 2 (2012)?

And the most important question of ’em all?….

Who are those Game of Thrones Season 2 Characters who’ll survive the blood bath and make it to the next season which will be Game of Thrones Season 3 (2013)?

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Synopsis

In Game of Thrones Season 1, when King Robert Baratheon died, the whole seven kingdoms of  the Great Westeros are thrown into a never ending chaos where each lord of the seven kingdoms and other lords started claiming for the great Iron Throne.

Then there comes “The War of the Five Kings”…

Lord Robb Stark of the great House Stark has been named King in the North by the houses and lords loyal to the House of Stark. He begins a war with the House Lannisters after hearing the news of Ned Stark’s, his father, execution by King Joffrey Baratheon.

On the other side of Great Westeros Stannis Baratheon of House Baratheon starts claiming the Iron Throne after he finds out that King Joffrey is a bastard of Cersei Lannister & Jaimie Lannister. His claim is supported by a mysterious Red Priestess named Melisandre who’s been telling Stannis that he is the promised prince who will bring peace to the seven kingdoms by following the Lord of Light.

In Essos the far sides of the Narrow Seas, Daenerys Targaryen of House Targaryen is getting strong and stronger  by learning in so hard situations and that she cannot trust anyone if she wants to sit on the Iron Throne and rule the seven kingdoms for centuries. Her power is getting stronger day by day and as her mighty and huge Dragons.

Meanwhile, at the Great North of the Wall, Jon Snow (Ned Stark’s only Bastard) has been kidnapped by wildlings when he was on the other side of The Wall…

So, in the Game of Thrones Season 2 Lords are coming for the Iron Throne, there is a new ruthless and heartless King sitting on the Iron Throne, A white girl finding its way back home of King’s Landing, a Bastard looking to save its people, a Dwarf fighting the whole world since he was born and just more and more…

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Key Cast Characters

The only key Game of Thrones cast and characters in the second season you should have your eyes on.

Stannis Baratheon:

Late King Robert Baratheon’s brother : Stannis Baratheon thinks or believes he is the true heir to the great Iron Throne and its he who should be sitting on it and rule the seven kingdoms.

Renly Baratheon:

Late King Robert Baratheon’s youngest brother : Renly Baratheon is also laying his eyes on the Iron Thrones and marching to King’s Landing.

Brienne of Tarth:

She is not a Lady but a Knight who is Kingsguard to Renly Baratheon and is very loyal to him and secretly loves him too.


She claims to be a servant of the Lord of Light is also called Red Priestess and is helping Stannis Baratheon to sit on the Iron Throne. She has told him that she has seen in the flames Stannis is the true prince promised.

Theon Greyjoy:

He is the only living son of Balon Greyjoy and Heir to the Iron Islands. He is the ward of Ned Stark and been living in Winterfell with Stark family.

Samwell Tarly:

Sam is a fresh recruit in the Night’s Watch, who was asked by his father to either die or take his chubby body to Night’s Watch. He is becoming a close friend to the bastard Jon Snow.


She is a wildling living beyond The Wall with his father Craster and her family. She’s got a baby boy and can do anything to save him from his cruel father.


She is a wildling beyond the wall who kidnaps Jon Snow by laying a trap and is taking him to his King Beyond the Wall.

Talisa Maegyr:

She is a foreigner and is a nurse in Robb Stark’s army. Robb is kind of falling in love with her but will the North accept her?

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